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Dag: 26 apirl
Tid: 13.30-19.00
Plats: Torn 1
Tornbyvägen 1, 582 73 Linköping


Under Venture Arena Live kommer bolag som är i behov av resurser att få presentera sig och det de söker på scenen under ledning av moderator. Vårt fokus denna omgång är Internationalisering – ”born global” och internationella affärer.

Denna omgång kommer bolagsrepresentanten att intervjuas på scenen.

Eventet är relevant för bolag i två faser

  • Start-ups
  • Scale-ups
… och kommer att fokusera på möten med såväl resurser och kompetenser som med investerare och styrelsemedlemmar. Vi möjliggör för bolagen att hitta sin matchning på plats.

Presenterande bolag


Söker: Kapital

Pitchar: Carl Lindgren

Manico AB develops, manufactures and sells digital platforms for learning and playing in preschools/schools, companies and public areas such as restaurants, museums, shopping centers and indoor playgrounds.Manico FunTable is intuitive and easy to work with, as the environment is the same as any tablet and smartphone.

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Söker: Nyckelperson

Pitchar: Mikael Hovmöller

Hovmöller designs, develops and manually manufactures lighting for various types of glassware. We have developed our first product; "Glasbelysning", which enlights the atmosphere wherever you use it.

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Söker: Kapital

Pitchar: Therése Thard

We make companies in the construction industry more effective. We do this through our cloud-based project management system.

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Söker: Nyckelperson

Pitchar: Naveen Sasidharan & Abhishek Jacob

We develop a digital solution called Helen that helps the health care staff communicate with Patients when there is a language barrier between them.

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Söker: Styrelsekompetens

Pitchar: Katarina Bengtsson

LunaMicro is developing a new generation of water transporting textiles. Our novel fabric removes (pumps) sweat faster than you perspire, and more than 100 times faster than current ""breathable"" materials such as GORE-TEX. LunaMicro’s technology has the potential to revolutionize the garment industry and change general expectations of what fabric can do. Our technology, which moves water from one side of a fabric to another, can be applied in a wide variety of markets, and will redefine what many people consider a pump to be.

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Söker: Nyckelperson

Pitchar: Bo Jonson

We have developed a novel material that can coat other materials. It is transparent and make glasses and plastics much more difficult to crush or scratch. Potential applications are various displays as used in mobile devices and touch screens. The inventors are researchers in materials science and thin film physics

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Söker: Övrigt

Pitchar: Torrin Raoufi-Danner

Bloqan is a data analytics startup that can quickly deploy custom machine learning and AI solutions for companies based on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) such as Blockchains.  A massive amount of data is generated from these Smart Contracts, particularly from Internet of Things (IoT) applications.  We combine this information with traditional data pipelines and present a complete package to our customer.

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Opibus AB

Söker: Nyckelperson

Pitchar: Kim Popp

Our own developed a drivetrain enables the possibility to convert current fossil fueled vehicles to electric propulsion. This reduces the resources needed from new-production of EV:s and opens up the possibility of making vehicles already adapted to a specific use electric. With the Safari Industry as entry market, we want to initiate a transition in a growth region where only a handful of electric vehicles exist today and continuously broaden to other sectors.

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Söker: Styrelsekompetens

Pitchar: Mattias Josephsson

Epishine develops and produces printed solar cells that consist of only organic materials. It's a fascinating, scalable, completely non-poisonous solution with minimal climate impact. Right now we're focusing on IoT applications indoors where we already have better efficiency than silicon cells. We have a millimeter thin, light and flexible solar cell that is ideal for sensors, beacons, wireless displays and a lot of other “low power connectivity”-devices. Our know-how and patents will be even more useful as the innovation develops. In some years, we will license large volume production of the world's cheapest and climate-friendly solar cells to accelerate the global shift to clean energy.

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Söker: Övrigt

Pitchar: David Habdman

At Signality, we work with software to track real-time players and balls, without wearables or special cameras, directly from regular video streams. We roll out now with Allsvenskan and Superettan. The data can be used for example player and team development but also sold to betting and media. In our business model, we give away the software and data to the clubs, and then make sure they get revenue from the betting and media data. Additionally, we provide fan engagement widgets, also for free. Here is an example of how the technology works:

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Söker: Styrelsekompetens

Pitchar: Björn Garplind

We develop, manufacture and sell ultra-thin moisture sensors that makes it possible to measure moisture where it hasn’t been possible. There are billions to save to use our system.

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Söker: Nyckelperson

Pitchar: Mari Ahlquist

iMatrics develops and delivers software-as-a-service solutions for the media industry, which effectively creates insights in large amounts of text data. This is possible through state-of-the-art automatic text analysis using mathematical methods based in research.

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Söker: Nyckelperson

Pitchar: Niklas Ericson

We develop a network/system for collaborative intelligence built for the agricultural industry. With Skira’s services, data and knowledge of a single farmer will be aggregated and distributed to a european agriculture network for smarter business operations. The business operations will facilitate areas such as production, planning, sales and procurement. Skira’s main knowledge base is within AI, Machine Learning and System Modeling and we have experience from working at CERN, Microsoft, Spotify and Google.

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Söker: Kapital

Pitchar: Alexander Sandström

In Sweden there are today 100 billion SEK in savings for kids. Unfortunately 4 out of 5 parents save using a bank account, meaning their kids will start their adult life with several hundred thousand kronor less than if their parents had picked a better savings solution. The reason they don't is that the alternatives are too complex. Saving on the stock market requires both great interest and a lot of knowledge. Myntino changes this by making saving for kids with the return of the stock market just as as simple as if using a bank account. A fully automated service tailored for kids savings makes us unique, and is the reason we can make it truly easy for parents, friends and family to save better for their kids future.

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I år är vi glada att få presentera tre inspirerande företag som mellan 15-16 kommer att berätta om sina framgångsrika företagsberättelser.

Predrag Pucar, Nira Dynamics

Predrag är VD på Nira Dynamics som fokuserar på forskning och utveckling av signalprocesser och kontrollsystem för fordonsindustrin. Bolaget har rönt stora internationella framgångar genom partnerskap med några av världens största producenter såsom Volskwagen.

Åsa Davidsson, XMReality

Åsa är Marketing Director på XMReality som genom augmented reality revolutionerar servicemöjligheterna för industrin. Genom XMReality’s produkt Remote Guidance kan teknikern få visuellt stöd på distans och därmed påverka både resursanvändningen och kostnaderna.

Anne Kihlgren, Dynamic Code

Anne är VD och en av grundarna till Dynamic Code som möjliggör såväl DNA-tester som livsstilstester där du som kund får både test, labsvar och doktor direkt i hemmet via din smartphone. Bolagen är lokalt förankrat i Östergötland och har inte minst synts och hörts i media genom fjolårets investering från Backing Minds.

Keynote speaker

Sara is currently part of the Global Enablement team at Salesforce in the Great Boston Area.  She supports fields team across the global to help them have meaningful conversations on Commerce Cloud, the industry-leading eCommerce solution.  Sara has over ten years of experience across a wide ranges of industries. Before joining Salesforce, she ran the Global Enablement Program at PeopleFluent, and was the Global Solutions Enablement & Customer Experience Manager for File & Unstructured Data and End User Computing at Dell/EMC, also in the Greater Boston Area.  

She has successfully built and implemented enablement strategies to evangelize solutions with international field teams, channel partners, and customers. Prior to that she held a number of worldwide marketing roles with Xerox including product, software, services, and solutions marketing in Grenoble, France, Portland, Oregon, and Rochester, NY.  She also held a sales district manager position with DaimlerChrysler in Southern California where she was responsible for a group of 35 dealerships. Sara holds a BA from the University of Toronto where she triple majored in Political Science, American Studies, and English, and studied abroad at the University of Oxford. Additionally, she received an MBA from Pepperdine University with concentrations in marketing and international business.


Sofie är platsutvecklare på destinationsbolaget Attraktiva Oskarshamn AB. Där jobbar hon med flera områden inom företagsetableringar, utveckling, marknadsföring och evenemang.

Utveckling av platser och regioner är favoritämnet för Sofie och hon trivs bäst med frågor som berör hur medborgare, näringsliv, akademi och samhälle tillsammans driver framgång. Dessutom älskar hon entreprenörer med deras historia och driv.

Med sin varma men skärpta framtoning ställer Sofie konkreta frågor, kopplar ihop sammanhang och får både paneldeltagare och föreläsare att känna sig bekväma och hörda.

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