Bolag som pitchat på Venture Arena

Globe Hoops

Omgång: VT 2015
Globe Hoops are looking for Advisors and Investors who are passionate about Sports Betting.
Globe Hoops - The Gamification of Sports Betting. An increasingly popular form of sports betting is taking place in the United States called daily fantasy sports. Daily fantasy sports are online games where fans act as managers and try to choose the best performing players in real life matches to win money. Globe Hoops is the first company in Europe to offer a mobile only version that is faster and easier to use than traditional fantasy sports platforms on the market today. In Sweden there is a lack of a true second screen experience to keep fans engaged before, during and after matches. Globe Hoops has the answer with a fun and entertaining way for fans to win and lose with their favorite players.
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Kontaktperson: Joe McNaull


Telefonnummer: 0706-021972